Hail damage in agriculture becomes a threat to livelihood!

CMG hail protection nets secure agriculture sustainably and environmentally friendly.

Hail is one of the most damaging weather conditions for agriculture. It can destroy entire cultivated areas (fruit, berry and vegetable cultivation), which can lead to very high production losses, some of which endanger the existence of the plant.

Extreme weather events are increasingly affecting our planet. Heavy rain and hailstorms cause millions of damages in agriculture.

Goal Plant protection

Physical plant protection is one of our primary goals. On this basis, we developed and produced network systems of high quality and specification. Our protective nets protect not only fruit from hail and frost, but also the entire plant population, thus guaranteeing their growth and quality level.

Hail protection net

The hail protection net is available in different qualities, designs and colours. From black to crystal and grey, they not only adapt to the landscape, but also, depending on the type of weave, colour and equipment, such as an integrated zipper, additional insects and sun protection. Our anti-hail nets are fabrics with a breaking strength of approx. 3.20 kg per monofilament (single yarn). It is characterised by a two yarn Leno weave (English series).

Outside the standard size, we, CMG, are happy to offer you, depending on the quantity, special designs on request.